Friday, August 25, 2006

wikipedia on the ipod

Yes! After some fidgeting I too squeezed all of wikipedia into the iPod. It clocks in at around 1GB without the pictures, leaving enough space for music. A word of caution: experimenting with the iPod probably voids all warranty, do it at your own risk. I can't offer any support, but here's how I did it and where I got the info:

1. Begin with installing Linux.
2. Do what they tell you here. If you got a PC-iPod, that could be enough. However, I've got a Mac-iPod and had to do the following:
2.1 Open the iPod from Finder/desktop (ie not through iTunes).
2.2 Manually throw away all folders but "Calendars" and "Contacts". (First drag to Trash and then empty Trash).
2.3 Drag-and-drop (copy) everything (16 objects) in epodia-base-system-0.9 straight into your iPod. Please observe, an invisible (17:th) object "iPod_Control" cannot be replaced, but that's not a problem. Just copy everything else.
2.4 Open your newly copied folder "mnt". Inside of there, create a subfolder called "data".
2.5 Into ipod/mnt/data/ put all of language pack ie a folder called "encyclopodia" (which contains the subfolders "system" + "library").
2.6 Into ipod/mnt/data/encyclopodia/library put e-book of choice.
2.7 Disconnect and reboot (press menu + play/pause), then press reverse to boot Linux = run Wiki (pics no, hyperlinks yes).

3. If you get a "not found" when searching, try and press reverse before entering letters, the search field sometimes starts with a blank space. Step back and you should be in business.

Best of luck and great thanks to Wikipedia, Linux on iPod and Robert Bamler.


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