Sunday, November 19, 2006

Universal Morals

Universal Music wants to sue YouTube & MySpace. Universal's CEO earlier called all iPod owners thieves .

In 2002 that very label offered USD 500 to stop me nagging for outstanding salaries of USD 4100. A mere 6 years after the tour.

When I was a kid you made money from music through writing songs and performing on stage. Not through finishing law school, suing kids and file for chapter 11 every 20 minutes.


Blogger jacobsteel said...

Trauma Records was at this time a subsidiary of Interscope Records and so also under Universal Music Group.

Trauma boasted at this time among other artists No Doubt.

Needles to say, I rejected the ridiculous offer, and reserved the rights to complain about it in public until the end of time.

3:41 AM  
Blogger jacobsteel said...

I reckon I called Trauma Records under Mr Rob Kahane up to twenty times, politely asking if they could please pay what they owed.

Mr Kahane never answered or explained himself.

Occasionally people mail me and ask about this:

With my experience, I strongly recommend against doing business with these people without the aid of a really good lawyer.

Do it ONLY if you can afford to completely lose both your time and your money and be dragged into years of unsuccessful calling and writing.

11:28 PM  

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