Thursday, March 22, 2007

wired Pentax SLR remote from an old handsfree.

Today's McGyver: build yourself a wired remote to a Pentax *ist out of two used headsets.

Take two old cell phone headsets (you'll want those with the small headphones plug).

1. Desolder and cut away mike and earpiece. Save the casing and the answer switches.
2. Clean the wires, resolder one answer switch from tip to earth (shutter), the other from ring to earth (autofocus).
3. Carefully fit the two switches inside of the remains of the old casing.

If you've done something like this before you'll probably be done in under half an hour. You'll need a soldering iron, patience and tape. More instructions here.

As per usual: all experiments are done at your own risk.

(note: to picture: "slutare"="shutter", "fokus"="autofocus", "mick"="microphone", "mussla"="earpiece")


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