Sunday, December 02, 2007

sketches of manhattan...

It happens people write and ask to use sketches they find here and on my home page. So much I've oogled, I think it's only fair to give something back. Fair and occasionally real fun.

In 1991 I was on a long vacation in NYC, and it was around that time I started to drag around sketchbooks. It was less awkward to stand in the street with pen and paper like some amateur meter maid so far away from home.
Besides, the really worst part was that I had all of NYC splendor in plain view and _still_ couldn't even learn to draw as as nicely as in Spiderman. So, subdued by internal conflicts my fears wore off and before I knew it I climbed roofs to draw - even though I've hated heights all my life.

Either way, you bet I was happily surprised to be mailed from NYC by Mike Walsh who asked to use my watertower sketch.

Of course he got to use it. Best of luck with that record and Merry Christmas, Mike!



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