Sunday, May 18, 2008

Great Coyote! - Vattenfall CEO "defends" pollution with "Indian" quotes...

Lars Josefsson, CEO of Vattenfall, the Swedish based power company who runs a number of coal-fired power plants in Germany, quotes "Indian philosophy" when interviewed by Sweden's biggest daily newspaper on wherever his environmental vision went:

Dagens Nyheter:
"How can coal-fire be defined as ecologically sustainable?"

Lars Josefsson:
"That depends on what you mean by ecologically sustainable. According to Indian philosophy you should look six generations ahead. Given that perspective, coal becomes sustainable if you take care of the pollution. There's enough coal for hundreds of years of use."

(my translation)

From the Vattenfall pages: "As a user of fossil fuels, Vattenfall is one of the owners of the climate change issue." Lars G Josefsson, President and CEO

When asked by Dagens Nyheter about the fact that Vattenfall make's a lot larger profits than they have to, and if they lowered their profit margin they'd be able to invest more in sustainable energy, Josefsson replies:

"You can never have too much money."

--- Anyone else feel like they'd rather have six generations of their future "owned" by someone other than this newspeaking "visionary"?

Greenpeace DE: Vattenfall, braunkohle und Josefsson

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