Friday, October 01, 2010

App illustration - Zogaj memo Gym

A game I illustrated - Zogaj Memo Gym - is now available in the App-store:

Zogaj Memo Gym LITE - (free)

Zogaj Memo Gym - iPhone/iPod touch

Zogaj Memo Gym HD - iPad

It actually features two separate games:
Pair play = a take on the classic memory game, but here you have to make your own connections.
Chain play = here you keep track on the order of falling cards.

The trick to remember more cards, than say five, is to create a short story about the images.
Using your imagination really helps to remember. It's like a memory training, a pocket "memo gym".

All images are available even in the LITE (free) version, only it's limited to fewer levels.


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