Saturday, November 06, 2021

DIY electronic Tape Delay, Synthi Clone, Spring Reverb, Frippertronics

I've been building a few electronic sound machines, posting them all at once...  :D

EMS SYNTHI VCS3 copy/clone/inspired - using XR2206

Tape Echo / Tape delay

Spring reverb / played with Ebow

Varispeed / 2 x REVOX A77 / Frippertronics / Enotronics

Another version, not using a varispeed but a moveable extra tape head (necessary on machines with no motor control circuitry).
These AKAI machines make good donors as they frequently break beyond (costly) repair when the aluminum behind the turning-lever disintegrates.

Walkman / portable stereo Mellotron

Or just playing with a bunch of tape recorders looping


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