Saturday, January 29, 2011

FREE ANIMATED FILM - A High School Love Story (condensed) - Now watch the whole thing!

To celebrate last night's great premiere of my latest animated film - NIGHT SOUNDS - here's my very first animated film - A High School Love Story (condensed).
The whole film. For free.

But be warned, it's my first animated film, It's a typical beginner movie with "boy meets girl", sex, drugs, a bad bad priest - and a car chase. No expense spared!



Sunday, January 16, 2011

NIGHT SOUNDS - world premiere, trailer and stills

Here's the promo-card / mini-poster for my animated short "NIGHT SOUNDS" - and here are the TRAILER-PAGES.

Night Sounds is a friendly little spooky cartoon short, that borrows tons from Robert Wiene, Saul Bass and John Carpenter...

Film Facts:
Animated short film, color, stereo, 6 min. (friendly horror-for kids = no violence, no gore, just jumping creatures, eerie music, happy bats and a strange journey in the night...)

Written, drawn, cut, scored, directed by me, Jacob Stålhammar.

Featuring sounds from Freesound from old edgar, digifishmusic, ReWired, prosounder, sofie, Robinhood76, dobroide, acclivity, espectral, BenKoning, JamesOC - Great Thanks!

UPDATE: Night Sounds is officially selected for ANNECY FILM FESTIVAL 2011.

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